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Brand introduction

As the digital multimedia software industry leader, ArcSoft provide suitable for digital camera, personal computer, peripherals, embedded multimedia software products for mobile terminal equipment and consumer electronics firmware program. The development of the various types of software, Inc is suitable for a wide range, a large number of people. Whether professional users to master the computer, or just getting started, beginners can use the software ArcSoft easily edit, modify or management operation on the digital image or video. In addition, the software is ArcSoft with ten languages, as global static / video digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, printer, scanner, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturers to provide thoughtful service bundles. ArcSoft will high-end technology and commercial application of the perfect combination, to establish a close partnership with nearly more than 150 industry giants, products are exported to 23 countries, covering 30 languages, software ArcSoft accounted for in many OEM products in the market share of some 50% or more products and services, ranking in the world.

Main product series

Video embedded CPU, enterprise video solutions, networking intelligent cloud video solutions

Application areas

Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks

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